Cats are independent creatures, and they don’t like to be told what to do. So, if you’ve got a cat and want to switch her over to a vegan diet, this can be a tricky proposition. Cats are carnivores by nature, so they need the nutrients found in meat in order to thrive. The good news is that there are plenty of Vegan Cat Foods available on the market today that meet all your feline friend’s nutritional needs. In this article we’ll cover our top picks for vegan cat food brands so you can find one (or more!) that will work best for your kitty!

Vegan Cat Food Vegecat Kibble

Vegecat Kibble is a Vegan Cat Food made from soybeans and lentils. It contains all the vitamins and minerals cats need, including taurine (an amino acid that helps prevent heart disease). Soybeans are high in protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium; lentils are good sources of iron and zinc; vegetables provide vitamins A & C as well as other nutrients.

Vegan Cat Food Ziwi Peak

The Ziwi Peak brand is a New Zealand company that makes Vegan Cat Food. It’s grain-free, high in protein and contains no added sugar or salt, making it an ideal choice for cats with sensitive stomachs. Ziwi Peak comes in a variety of flavors including: lamb, chicken & salmon; venison & rabbit; kangaroo & ostrich; duck & quail (all of which can be found here).

The only downside? The price tag might put you off at first glance ($37-$45 per bag). However, if your feline friend has special dietary needs or requires specialized care then this expense may be worth it to ensure their health remains optimal throughout their lifetime!

Vegetarian Cat Formula

Vegetarian Cat Formula is a great vegan cat food. It’s made by Natural Balance Pet Foods, which has been making pet food for more than 20 years.

Vegetarian Cat Formula uses meat substitutes and vegetable protein to create an animal-free diet for your furry friend. This blend contains brown rice, potatoes and peas as its main ingredients but also contains soybean oil–which isn’t vegan! If you want to avoid using any animal products in your cat’s diet (including eggs or dairy), we recommend not purchasing this formula because it contains some animal products in its ingredients list despite being marketed as “vegan.”

Boca Burger, Vegan Dog Food

Boca Burger is a vegan dog food that’s made from soybeans, wheat gluten and rice. It’s an excellent source of protein and fiber, so it’s great for dogs who need to keep their weight under control. Dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs may benefit from this product as well, since it doesn’t contain any fillers like corn or soybean meal (which often cause allergic reactions).

Boca Burger isn’t recommended for cats because cats are carnivores; they require meat in their diets in order to get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. If you want to feed your cat a vegan diet without compromising his health or happiness (or yours), consider feeding him something like Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Dry Cat Food instead!

You Can Get Vegan Cat Food

Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes the use of animal products for food, clothing or any other purpose. This includes eggs, dairy, honey and wool as well as meat – even fish! As you can imagine this makes it difficult for cats to live as vegans too because they need protein from meat sources in order to thrive. However there are some companies out there making vegan cat food which has been specially formulated with plant based proteins that are suitable for your feline friend’s nutritional needs (more on this later).

What do people choose vegan cat food?

The number one reason why people choose to feed their cats a vegan diet is because they believe it’s healthier than regular pet foods containing meat ingredients such as chicken or beef amongst others. This belief stems from studies showing how certain types of meat may cause health problems such as cancer so if you’re concerned about keeping your kitty healthy then switching them over onto something like Hills Science Diet Nature’s Best Vegetarian Formula Adult Cat Food might be worth considering because although it doesn’t contain any real meat products whatsoever (instead opting for soybeans) its still packed full vitamins minerals needed by felines including taurine which helps prevent blindness due lack thereof.


If you’re looking for Vegan Cat Food, there are plenty of options out there. We recommend Vegecat Kibble and Ziwi Peak as the best brands to try first. The former is a complete diet made from vegetables, grains and legumes while the latter offers a range of products like canned food and dry kibble which can be blended with water or other liquids for an easy mealtime solution.