When you commit to feeding your dog healthy food, you’re committing to their health and long life, with fewer health issues along the way. Although almost each dog food type claims to have the best benefits on the market, none of them is quite as beneficial as grain-free dog food.

Here are just a few of the advantages of grain-free dog food:

Healthy Coat

If you’ve ever noticed that your dog’s coat is rougher and duller than it used to be, it might be because of the food they’re fed. Grain-free dog food can have an impact that can be seen almost immediately. This is because of the decrease in grains and the additional benefits of omega and unsaturated fats. Altogether this means that your dog’s coat will look healthier, and this in turn is a sign of good overall health.

Healthy Skin

Grains in dog food can cause itchy, irritated, dry, and even inflamed skin in addition to the above dull coat. This can lead to infections and fur loss if left unchecked. However, switching to a grain-free diet can help maintain your dog’s skin in excellent condition because, despite having fewer carbohydrates, grain-free food is packed with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are great for the skin.

Less Gassiness

Grains produce unpleasant gas that, in addition to being smelly, can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. It may also indicate more serious digestive issues.

Because grain-free dog food like Simply Jaspers’ hypoallergenic dog food makes your dog pass less gas, and improves their gut health too.

Improved Breath

We are aware that dogs can have bad breath. But did you know that their diet plays a big role in a lot of that? Your dog’s mouth will have a lot more bacteria than usual because grainy food tends to leave a film on its teeth. This then causes bacteria to grow, and this makes the smell happen. In addition to a good diet, regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth is a great idea.

Fewer Allergies

Dogs get allergies too. If your dog seems to have irritated or itchy red skin, it could be because the immune system is working too hard trying to fight a food allergy. This can be caused by grains, and this is a common issue. Cutting out grains and corn from your dog’s diet and replacing it with a wheat-free food like Simply Jaspers will help your dog enjoy a better quality of life without allergies for the future.

More Energy For Play

When it comes to cheap dog foods, the number of processed grains is so high that your dog will use the energy in the food more quickly than they normally wood dye to the lack of fibre in this cheap food type. This means your dog will either need to be fed more, or their blood sugar will drop, and they’ll seem more tired than usual. With grain-free food, your beloved dog will burn food in a better way, feeling less tired over time.

Great For Pregnancy

It’s obvious that during pregnancy, your dog will need to be as healthy as possible. To do this, cutting out the cheaper foods and heading for grain-free food will mean your dog will enjoy higher nutritional benefits and important quality ingredients you just can’t find elsewhere. This will keep your dog healthier through pregnancy and help with the recovery afterwards too.